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Going Green

The Friends as well as the park itself make great efforts to be good stewards for the environment. We believe it is everyone's duty to do what they can when it comes to being environmentally conscious. That's why we are proud to say that this site it Hosted Green and that the park is a Certified Travel Green Wisconsin Destination.

Hosted Green

Hosted Green Seal This website is "300% Green"* due to the hosting company who gains their electrical power from renewable resources. The Friends of Gov Dodge could have chosen any number of hosting companies, but we made the decision to go green. With efforts like this, we can all start to live a greener life.

*From the hosts website:
"In fact we replace, with wind power, 3 times the amount of energy used by our servers, so you can say that your site which you host with Green Geeks is actually working to help save the environment. All of our green energy use is certified by two independent third party organizations."

Travel Green Wisconsin Certified

Travel Green Wisconsin tag Governor Dodge State Park is proud to claim that it is a Travel Green Wisconsin Certified Business. By providing education about the environment through interpretive programs, practicing sound recycling and reduction refuse management, wildlife and landscape conservation management and much more, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism has certified the park as being a destination that cares for the environment. Some highlights of other practices include:

  • Agricultural land is being restored to native prairies and oak savannas
  • The introduction and transportation of invasive species are prevented through actions and education
  • Leave No Trace principles are promoted to visitors
  • A recycling program is in place
  • Visitors are educated by interpretive signs, field guides and other publications, and self-tour info

How We're Green

We take an active roll in controlling invasive species like Garlic Mustard, Honeysuckle, Olive and Locust. Educating through funding of interpretive programs is a great way to instill a sense of stewardship. We are proud to be able to use some of our funds to pay for naturalist time and interpretive displays. Recycling, energy conservation and roadside clean-up are just a few more ways that we try to help the environment. The park is Carry-In Carry-Out. Whatever you bring into the park, please take it back out with you.

How Can You Be Green While at the Park?

  • Recycle - recycling dumpsters are located in each campground and at Cox Hollow Beach
  • Pick Up Trash - Seeing and removing trash on the side of the roads and in the campgrounds is an ongoing affair for park staff. Do your part and pick up your trash. Or better yet, if you see any trash, pick it up and dispose of it properly.
  • Help at a Pitch-in-at-the-Park Event - Check the Calendar for dates.
  • Energy Conservation - If you have an electric site, try to use less energy. If you are using the showers, take shorter showers.
  • Use reusable plates, utensils, cups, cloth napkins, etc. - The more reusable things we pack, the less trash we'll create.
  • Bring beverages in reusable containers.
  • Buy (or make) durable outdoor equipment. It may cost more at first, but will last longer.
  • Repair old equipment. Replace torn webbing on lawn chairs; put patches on leaky air mattress instead of throwing them away.
These steps are just a few that you can do to be green!
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