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"The Bluff" written by Mike Daggett

Mike was kind enough to share this poem he wrote inspired by one of the rocky outcroppings near Cox Hollow Lake and memories of his father.

The Secata's song has grown silent, trees of green now golden red.
Before my eyes the wild wheat & rye drift like golden waves blown by the autumn wind across the valleys.
The coming cold makes the lake waters grow clear, as the autumn wind blows.
A slow call of the goose echo's through the heavens.
All these & more the old bluff sees & hears as the circle of life continues on each year.
A ragged old bluff cut over many years from the water below.
Rocks jagged & sharp thrusting from the hill as a bow of a ship at sea tall & proud.
This bluff I've known so well for more than 42 years now from child to young man, too now a graying one.
In this time I have climbed, sat, looked & listened to all the old bluff would share with me.
So now the autumn wind blows again the golden red leaves rustle across the forest floor.
And as all the creatures of the earth are called by the autumn wind I make one last climb up to my old friend.
A trip I've done all my years from as a child with my father too now a man upon my own.
The path we walked in youth is now crumbled the Man who shared this special place sadly gone. Now it's just I & the old bluff standing embraced by the autumn wind; watching as the circle of life once again changes.
Now with the setting sun fleeting shadows run across all that we see, and the goose's call echo's as the autumn eve turns cold.
I take my Fathers cognac out & give a toast to the four winds, the earth & the old bluff.
And the old bluff gives a gift in return to me. In my minds eye I see a young boy cheeks red from the cool breeze, a smile on his face. His father standing strong by his side showing him the autumn world.
I see my father & I as a boy and the soft wind of autumn. Carries' his words of knowledge & love to me & my words of love to him.
So the image fades, I thank the old bluff & with one last look to the setting sun I again whisper I love you Dad & take the journey home.


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